Manager – Compliance/Anti- Money Laundering

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Manager – Compliance/Anti- Money Laundering

Location: West Legon, Accra

Minimum Level of Education: Bachelor’s Degree and ACI Operations Certificate
Relationships: Reports to -- Board of Directors

Desired Candidate Profile
The Compliance and AMLR Manager is responsible for the compliance of the company to all the rules, regulations, and compliance guidelines of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Manager must ensure that the company is not in breach of any compliance guidelines stipulated by the Regulators.
• Develop and continually update the AML/CFT Compliance Programme and ensure its effective implementation
• Receive, vet, and file Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) and Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) with the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC)
• Coordinate the training of Directors and staff in AML/CFT awareness
• Act as a liaison officer with SEC and FIC
• File all appropriate reports at the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)
• Oversee compliance with record-keeping and independent testing
• Ensure that the Firm complies with all SEC regulations and directives
• Advice the Board on policies and procedures necessary to comply with regulatory requirements
• Ensure that the Firm notifies the Commission of all changes in licensing particulars.
• Monitor the effectiveness of internal controls, in mitigating risk, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and implementing the Board’s strategy and policies
• Ensure that all employees are aware of the regulatory requirements in the discharge of their duties
• Report all material breaches to the Board
• Report to the Board any disciplinary action taken by the Commission against the Firm
• Report to the Board the results of any inspections or investigations conducted by the Commission
• Report semi-annually to the Board on the adequacy of the internal controls in mitigating risk, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and implementing the Board’s strategies and policies (Compliance Officer’s Report)
• Any other function that the Board may prescribe from time to time.

Key Characteristics and Competencies
Basic Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field from an accredited university
• 2+ years of relevant experience
• Have completed and passed the appropriate courses organized by GISI or any other course the Commission requires.
• Must have an adequate understanding of internal control measures and risk mitigation tools.
• Must have adequate knowledge of the laws and regulations of the industry.