Savvy Securities offers
an extensive range of specialised products


Transparent institutional forex and securities trading in the African & global financial markets

We provide world class financial solutions to our extensive institutional client base including leading investment banks, commercial banks, asset managers, hedge funds, governments, corporations and individuals.


Stay on top of the changing financial landscape

Savvy Securities has a strong presence in the Ghanaian fixed income market, with an ability to transact high volume trades at competitive pricing. We capitalize on our international network to provide liquidity, ease of doing business and convenience in executing trades. Our extensive knowledge, and trading desk service capabilities afford our clients the ability to access a broad range of primary and secondary market offerings.



Experienced and committed to transparent trading

We provide full execution over-the-counter brokerage services to wholesale clients, employing the most modern and best electronic trading solutions or voice brokerage. We present a much-needed intervention and unrivaled capacity to curb the seasonal liquidity challenges on the FX market.


Transact high volume trades at competitive pricing

Commodities trading offers many benefits, including lower margins and an effective means of portfolio diversification. Savvy Securities, partnering with the Ghana Commodity Exchange offers clients with a bouquet of commodities to trade in: maize, rice, soya, sorghum and sesame. This partnership also provides our clients a reliable and guaranteed clearing and settlement system, at the best prices.


Make the most of
your wealth, and extend it to the future!

Access corporate and government treasuries in frontier and emerging markets. We consistently provide optimal price discovery, using our expert product knowledge and far-reaching network to source the best available liquidity for our clients.